Coulter Plein Air System

I found James Coulter’s system accidentally while assessing Fine Art Studio Online. It is something different for plein air painters. It looks awesome. The Art Box offers a large and stable 12 x 16 pallet. Because the pallet is attached to the tripod instead of the tripod mount, it is not going to wobble as much as some large pochades.

On the site there are some videos that demonstrate the system and a list of notable artist who use the system.

  • A great looking system
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Portable
  • Innovative Design
  • Reasonably Priced

The Coulter plain air system has a simple sturdy lightweight panel holder made from oak. It looks nice. The craftsmanship in the panel holder is excellent. It mounts to a standard tripod mount.

The web site for for James Coulter’s Plein Air System is

Quotes for the site:

The system weighs under 4 lbs. and the tripod is 3 lbs.for a total of around 7 lbs. Another big difference is that our system sets up in less than a minute!


Many of the parts are made from solid oak which makes it very durable for field work and packing it for travel. There are no complicated moving parts to break and if you accidentally lose a part it may be found in most hardware stores.


The Extra Long panel holder can accommodate small or large panels up to twenty inches. (If you want the Xtra Long Panel Holder with your System you must let me know when you order…just send a note when you pay with PayPal or send me an Email)



I am putting together list and links to help you make a solid decision on the plein air equipment you purchase. I have been painting plein air for over 3 years, the first few times, I used whatever I could get my hands on. Eventually I purchased french easel from Arron Brothers with a 50% off coupon. It is a cheap imitation of a Julian easel. It worked well enough and did not fall apart. I found it difficult to set up and it was kind of wobbly.

There are so many things you can not control when painting outdoors, you do not want your equipment to be one of them. I hope to provide useful information on all of the possible options available for plein air artist.

I have experimented with a few different options when painting on the road. Currently I use  small a gurellia box and a pochade I built on my own.  DIY Plans coming soon.

I am still searching for the perfect solution. I really believe that is a personal choice for the artist. But since most of the systems are not always available for artist to check out locally, I hope my reviews will help to make you decision easier. I use to plein air paint 3 to 4 times a week and at least twice a month with a plein air painting group in San Diego. If you are ever in the neighbor hood, and want to go out for an early morning paint, contact me. BTW early morning means 7 am and even that is kind of late.
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